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guitar, vocals

Jay Hooks - Strong Love (Live at Rockpalast, 2003)

Texas, a place where history vibrates through the land and its images are compelling and timeless, especially for guitar driven blues. From Albert Collins to Johnny Winter to ZZ Top the best music from Texas has always featured a healthy dose of guitar.

Now meet Jay Hooks with his powerful blend of slashing guitar and soulful vocals.Jay Hooks the, 30 year old Houston native who in his early years as a musician sought out and befriended a number of blues legends such as Joe "Guitar" Hughes, Albert Collins, and Billy Gibbons.

As a teenager Jay hung out with an older crowd of people, and they would take him to see these great blues guitarists. Inevitably that early experience fueled his desire to become a soaring guitar player and vocalist. After a few years of playing guitar with local musicians, Antones recording artist, Miss Lavelle White, approached Jay, and hired him to go on the road throughout the U.S. and Canada in support of her new release; however after a year stint with Miss Lavelle, Jay knew it was time to start his own band.

In early 1997, Jay went into Sugar Hills Studios (Houston) with his new band and recorded his debut release "Hooked Up" for Sunburst Records. The CD was released that summer and was well received. After successfully touring his trio throughout the Southwest, Sunburst Records decided to license "Hooked Up" in the European market. That effort caught the attention of Provogue-Mascot record executive, Ed van Zyl, who offered Jay a recording contract.

Jay traveled to New York City to record with producer Ben Elliott at Showplace Studios which resulted in the self-titled CD for Provogue-mascot, Jay Hooks, that was released worldwide in the fall of 2000. Ben has recorded blues legends Peter Green, Leslie West and Eric Clapton to name a few. The CD features 12 originals that Jay co-wrote with David Whitehead, and as Jay Hooks so bluntly puts it, "I work real hard on perfecting my sound and have no plans of backing off the Hendrix/Vaughan style. I'm only interested in working on strictly guitar driven blues." This is Jay Hooks - deep-involved feelings with hard driving guitar. After all, when the house lights come up, it ain't what you play; it's how you play.

- Hooked Up [Sunburst, 1997]
- Jay Hooks [Provoque 7124, October 2000]
- Redline [Provogue, September 2002]

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